Pretty Shiny Things


Pretty shiny things
Mama loves pretty shiny things
As long as they look good on the onside
They better look good on the outside
Pretty shiny things
I’m one of her pretty shiny things
She says there ain’t a secret you can’t hide
Bottle it up on the inside
Put your makeup on girl, stand up straight
Your face will take you farther than your brain
You oughta know by now, beauty is pain
Pretty shiny things
Mama keeps her pretty shiny things
Hidden in a dresser drawer
Orange bottles from the corner store
One to help her sleep
The other ones are red and blue and pink
It’s a colorful cocktail
You could ask but she’ll never tell
Repeat Chorus

Pretty shiny things are gonna collect dust
Pretty shiny things, I swear that there’s more to us

Take your makeup off girl, hold your head high
Let your guard down, don’t be scared to cry
Ain’t nothin’ pretty about a perfect life
© 2019 Wolf Shirt Publishing/Creative Pulse Music, admin. by These Are Pulse Songs; Big Music Machine/Foxy Landis Publishing, admin. by Big Machine Music, LLC (BMI).


Produced by Luke Laird and Kassi Ashton
Written by Kassi Ashton and Emily Landis